Eat + Drink

With a pub, bar, cafe, or restaurant on every corner, Melburnians love their food, drink and nightlife. The question you have to ask yourself is do you feel hungry? Well, do you?
  • All Morning Long

    No matter what time you roll out from under the blankets, Melbourne will have a breakfast spread just for you. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Roaming for the Best Bites

    Hop a tram or simply tie up your shoelaces and walk to explore these examples of Melbourne's inner suburban dining scene.

  • Lunch Hunt

    Got the midday munchies? Melbourne's lunchtime offering is ample, but we've narrowed your search to these three favourites.

  • South Wharf - International Dining

    From Japan to Spain, Thailand to Bavaria, this riverside strip of dining and drinking hot spots is sure to impress the whole gang.

  • Dude Food

    Alright fellas, make the most of a boy's night on the town and get stuck into one of these joints. You won't regret it.

  • Global Tables

    Melbourne's proud of its multicultural heritage. Here are a few tasty options for when you're feeling a little exotic.

  • Richmond Done Right

    Taste your way along Swan Street, and you'll discover that there's more to Richmond than just the MCG!

  • Haute Cuisine

    Date night? A special occasion? Or simply an excuse to enjoy the company of loved ones? Try one of Melbourne's finest restaurants.

  • Extreme Ice Cream

    It doesn't have to be summer to wrap your laughing gear around an ice cream. Paddle Pops, these options are not.

  • Dessert Delight

    Three cheeky places where you can stop in after a hearty meal, or simply treat yourself for an afternoon of deliciousness.

  • Cosy Bars

    Melbourne's home to some of the world's best bartenders, and they're not afraid to share their ideas with you at these three bars.

  • Up All Night

    If you're up for a late-night snack, or a post-show meal, Melbourne has you covered. These three options keep the door open late.


    Melburnians pride themselves on which side of the Yarra River they live, but these three establishments pay no notice to your allegiances.


    The heading says it all, really. Soak in the warmth and atmosphere of Young & Jackson, the Drunken Poet or Saint & Rouge.


    Venture down a famous Melbourne laneway, enjoy the Southbank views, or experience Little Italy with these al fresco locations.


    Take a deep dive into the history of some of Melbourne's many cultures, and discover where you can enjoy their flavours.


    It’s little wonder Melbourne is considered Australia’s vegan capital, here are six of the best vegan-friendly restaurants that you can check out right now.

  • Melbourne's Sweet Heart

    With sweet treats like this on offer when you come to Melbourne, think twice about telling your dentist where you're going on holiday.

  • Discover Melbourne on a Plate

    A beginner's guide of where to eat in Melbourne town, including a few local favourites for you to enjoy along the way.

  • Late Night Dining

    A comprehensive tally of five scrumptious late-night options, because who wants to sleep when you can eat instead?


    Melbourne's bar scene is ever-changing, with new venues opening up all the time. Sometimes funky, sometimes fancy, always fun.


    With new food crazes popping up daily, it’s easy to overlook Melbourne’s foodie classics. Get reacquainted with these institutions.


    Go on the hunt for these elusive drinking spots. Be careful though — if you blink, you might miss them.


Image Credits: Lunch Hunt - Huxtaburger, Estelle Judah Photography; Dessert Delights - Short Stop Donuts, Tom Blachford; Discover Melbourne on a Plate - Josie Withers Photography