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American Smoking Barbecue Cooking Class

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In this fun and hands on cooking class you will get to combine your love of American style smoking with barbecuing. You will learn all about barbecue techniques from the four main barbecue regions in the United States including Texas, Memphis, Carolina and Kansas, and the differences between them. The class will kick off with a complimentary beer and the Chef will give you a quick run through of the session and the menu. In the smoking class, there will be meat that has been pre-smoked and cooked so you can taste and discuss the end product. You and the Chef will also prepare fresh meat for smoking to demonstrate and learn the techniques. The chef will cover equipment, the Texas crutch method, troubleshooting and temperatures. During this class you will be shown tips on rubs, timing, and temperatures and of course the perfect accompaniments, to ensure that you can produce mouth watering, fall off the bone meat every time you have a barbecue.

Event Dates

  • Sunday 8th September
  • Sunday 15th September
  • Sunday 22nd September
  • Sunday 6th October

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