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ArtVo Immersive Gallery

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ArtVo is a new immersive art gallery or ‘trick art’ gallery – the first of its kind in Australia.

Unlike traditional art museums, visitors are encouraged to experience art through touching and interacting with the artworks, as well as photographing themselves as part of the art.

Stretching over 1900 square metres, visitors can walk through a variety of different zones, each featuring their own incredible, hand painted artworks which cascade directly from the walls to the floors; the possibilities for your imagination are endless. Immerse yourself into different scenes, locations and famous paintings.

What is even more refreshing is the museum staff who encourage you to take as many photos and selfies as possible. They can assist you so you and your friends are free to become part of the art at all times.

ArtVo’s unique, interactive and immersive content also makes it the perfect venue for a school excursion; the engaging environment allows for students to explore a range of topics such as team building, writing, art and cultural understanding.

The gallery, which is located in the District Docklands is easily accessible by train or tram from Melbourne Central. Parking space available.