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Barnum The Circus Musical

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Step right up, ladies and gentlemen and suspend your disbelief at the door as you are invited to experience Barnum the Circus Musical. With its inspiring story, uplifting songs, amazing choreography and incredible circus acts, Barnum is the must-see event of 2019, starring Australia’s own greatest showman, Todd Mckenney, as P.T. Barnum. Barnum the Circus Musical arrives at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre this April for a strictly limited season and tickets are on sale now.

Event Dates

  • Saturday 27th April
  • Sunday 28th April
  • Monday 29th April
  • Tuesday 30th April
  • Wednesday 1st May
  • Thursday 2nd May
  • Friday 3rd May
  • Saturday 4th May
  • Sunday 5th May
  • Monday 6th May
  • Tuesday 7th May
  • Wednesday 8th May
  • Thursday 9th May
  • Friday 10th May
  • Saturday 11th May
  • Sunday 12th May
  • Monday 13th May
  • Tuesday 14th May
  • Wednesday 15th May
  • Thursday 16th May
  • Friday 17th May
  • Saturday 18th May
  • Sunday 19th May
  • Monday 20th May
  • Tuesday 21st May
  • Wednesday 22nd May
  • Thursday 23rd May
  • Friday 24th May
  • Saturday 25th May
  • Sunday 26th May

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