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Chinese Cooking Class

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In this hands on cooking class you'll learn how to make Chinese food the authentic way. Chinese cuisine has been around for thousands of years and is ingrained in Chinese culture and philosophy, with different foods often used to balance the body's yin and yang. In this social cooking class you will learn all about Chinese cuisine and how to make some Chinese dishes yourself. Led by a hands on instructor you'll see a series of cooking demonstrations and be taught about best practices for keeping your knives and kitchen equipment in top shape. You'll have some hands on practice chopping, rolling and preparing the dishes while you learn about different ingredients, spices and how to create the right flavour balance. The cooking lesson will conclude with a sit down meal where everyone can enjoy a glass of wine and the delicious Chinese dishes you have created.

Event Dates

  • Saturday 21st September
  • Saturday 18th January
  • Saturday 8th February
  • Saturday 15th February
  • Saturday 14th March
  • Sunday 22nd March
  • Sunday 19th April
  • Saturday 9th May
  • Sunday 17th May
  • Saturday 6th June
  • Sunday 14th June
  • Saturday 4th July
  • Sunday 12th July
  • Saturday 1st August
  • Sunday 9th August
  • Saturday 29th August
  • Sunday 6th September
  • Saturday 26th September

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