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ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2020

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Bookings & Enquiries
The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup will feature premium matches in Melbourne that includes hosts Australia taking on New Zealand on a Friday night. That fixture will be one of six Super 12 stage matches held at the MCG in a schedule that also includes India against 2016 finalists England on 1 November. Defending champions West Indies will also feature twice in Melbourne. While Kardinia Park Stadium in Geelong will host six First Round matches in a week-long festival of cricket. The fixtures include the opening match of the tournament, featuring 2014 champions Sri Lanka on the 18th of October. Each of the three match days will be double headers with one of the fixtures under lights. Sri Lanka will play night matches on October 20 and 22, with their opponents to be determined following a qualifying event to be played in late 2019. The final will fittingly be held at the world’s biggest cricket stadium, the MCG in the evening of Sunday 15 November. Tickets for the men’s matches will go on sale in late 2019, but you can register now at the T20 World Cup 2020 website to ensure you get early access to the best seats.

Event Dates

  • Sunday 18th October (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Monday 19th October (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Tuesday 20th October (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Wednesday 21st October (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Thursday 22nd October (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Friday 23rd October (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Saturday 24th October (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Sunday 25th October (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Monday 26th October (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Tuesday 27th October (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Wednesday 28th October (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Thursday 29th October (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Friday 30th October (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Saturday 31st October (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Sunday 1st November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Monday 2nd November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Tuesday 3rd November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Wednesday 4th November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Thursday 5th November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Friday 6th November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Saturday 7th November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Sunday 8th November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Monday 9th November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Tuesday 10th November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Wednesday 11th November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Thursday 12th November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Friday 13th November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Saturday 14th November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)
  • Sunday 15th November (11:59pm - 11:59pm)

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