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Simon Finn - Breath-hold dwelling

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Simon Finn creates multimedia installations, including video, drawing and sculpture that are informed by his professional experience in Architecture, visualisation and freediving. Finn is interested in mapping the impact of various forces within oceanic and man-made environments. He harnesses physics, technology and emotion to generate images of hypothetical destruction and regeneration. For Breath-hold dwelling, Finn will present a proposal for an underwater structure, that represents the relationship between human life and the ocean, our fragility and our potential for adaptation. Finn is a sessional lecturer and resource developer at Deakin University and RMIT (Specialised Communication in the School of Architecture), where he is also currently a PhD candidate in Art.

Event Dates

  • Saturday 7th September
  • Sunday 8th September
  • Monday 9th September
  • Tuesday 10th September
  • Wednesday 11th September
  • Thursday 12th September
  • Friday 13th September
  • Saturday 14th September
  • Sunday 15th September
  • Monday 16th September
  • Tuesday 17th September
  • Wednesday 18th September
  • Thursday 19th September
  • Friday 20th September
  • Saturday 21st September
  • Sunday 22nd September
  • Monday 23rd September
  • Tuesday 24th September
  • Wednesday 25th September
  • Thursday 26th September
  • Friday 27th September
  • Saturday 28th September
  • Sunday 29th September
  • Monday 30th September
  • Tuesday 1st October
  • Wednesday 2nd October
  • Thursday 3rd October
  • Friday 4th October
  • Saturday 5th October
  • Sunday 6th October
  • Monday 7th October
  • Tuesday 8th October
  • Wednesday 9th October
  • Thursday 10th October
  • Friday 11th October
  • Saturday 12th October
  • Sunday 13th October
  • Monday 14th October
  • Tuesday 15th October
  • Wednesday 16th October
  • Thursday 17th October
  • Friday 18th October
  • Saturday 19th October
  • Sunday 20th October
  • Monday 21st October
  • Tuesday 22nd October
  • Wednesday 23rd October
  • Thursday 24th October
  • Friday 25th October
  • Saturday 26th October
  • Sunday 27th October
  • Monday 28th October
  • Tuesday 29th October
  • Wednesday 30th October
  • Thursday 31st October
  • Friday 1st November
  • Saturday 2nd November
  • Sunday 3rd November
  • Monday 4th November
  • Tuesday 5th November
  • Wednesday 6th November
  • Thursday 7th November
  • Friday 8th November
  • Saturday 9th November
  • Sunday 10th November

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