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Espresso Yourself

An espresso martini is basically a coffee-flavoured cocktail made with vodka, coffee and sugar syrup, right? Well, maybe. These Melbourne bars are shaking up the classic cocktail with their original and inventive interpretations.

Loch Ness'presso Martini at Highlander

11a Highlander Lane

What's in it? Coffee. whisky, Frangelico and Drambuie

This welcoming Scottish bar does everything well, from food to cocktails and puns — and who doesn’t love a good pun? The Loch Ness’presso Martini appropriately includes that classic Scottish ingredient, whisky, and the culinary traditions don’t stop there. If the mood takes you, you can order haggis or black pudding. Not feeling adventurous? Pair your Loch Ness’presso with mac n cheese balls, popcorn chicken or just have another — they’re that good!

Espresso Martini at Polly

401 Brunswick Street

What’s in it? Coffee liqueur, rye vodka, vanilla and caramel

Not many places do cocktails quite like Polly. Along with its signature mixes, you’ll also find mocktail and vegan cocktail lists. The reputation of Polly’s espresso martini is so highly regarded it doesn’t even needa fancy name. It’s an espresso martini, shaken twice for a lush, creamy texture.

Cult Espresso Martini at The Woods of Windsor

108 Chapel Street

What’s in it? Cargo Cult rum, cinnamon and vanilla syrup, Kahlua and espresso

This bar is intimate, cosy and staffed by true culinary creatives who know exactly how a martini — any martini — should taste. A modern take on a classic, the Cult Espresso Martini is a fine example of the bartenders’ dedication to their craft.

Cold Drip Martini at Mr Miyagi

99 Chapel Street

What’s in it? Shochu, vodka, coffee, sake and white chocolate foam

Naming this joint after beloved character Mr Miyagi, from the Karate Kid movies, was a good idea because the cold drip martini here packs a powerful kick. The combination of shochu, vodka and sake will give you the chilled zen of Miyagi himself. If you’re after a meal, the Japanese menu blends tradition with pop culture and modern flavours. Try the MFC, or Miyagi Fried Chicken. It’s hot, crispy and satisfying.

Salted caramel espresso martini at Lounge

243 Swanston Street

What’s in it? Salted caramel, Bacardi, Fuego spiced rum and espresso

If you thought the salted caramel craze had already had its time in the sun, you’ll be pleased to know Lounge is still serving up this adored ingredient and has even named its espresso martini after it. This is a good place to grab a burger, parma or pizza, especially if you wash it down with the salty caramel goodness of the featured drink.

Mzungu Martini at Polepole

267 Little Collins Street

What’s in it? Cargo Cult spiced rum, Amarula, crème de mure and espresso

The bar’s theme is African, but forget the tacky animal prints and safari hats — this place is about bringing contemporary flair and flavours together. Be inspired, from the chic modern dining space to the hip cocktail bar upstairs. Let your Mzungu Martini take you on a little journey to a side of Africayou haven’t seen before.