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When Bigger is Better

Tame a giant-sized hunger with these mammoth meals.

Big Breakfast

The name may sound like a place to go for a salad, but Grasshopper’s Feast [Shop 13, 306 Little Collins Street] is anything but. Get one of the best breakfasts in Melbourne — served all day — with all the trimmings. Order the rise and shine for an eye-popping feast of eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, hash browns, spinach and roasted tomato. It’s so satisfying, it will keep you going all day.

Getting There
Tram routes 19, 57 and 59 to stop 2 then walk 70 metres.
Train to Flinders Street Station, then walk eight minutes.

Sizeable Schnitzel

Fancy a feed for free? If you have an untameable hunger, take it to Hofbrauhaus [18–28 Market Lane]. The schnitzel challenge here is so immense it must be booked in advance. Face off against a mammoth 1.5-kilogram pork schnitzel, chips and a full litre of beer. Finish it all by yourself and it’s on the house, along with a winner’s t-shirt. But you don’t have to take on the food challenge to feel full — the regular schnitzels are substantial and scrumptious.

Getting There
Tram routes 1, 3/3a, 5, 6, 16, 64, 67, 72 to stop 10 then walk 450 metres.
Train to Parliament Station then walk 500 metres.

Plentiful Pizza

The monster pizzas at Shawcross Pizza Joint [24 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy] are much more than just large — they’re enormous, measuring in with a gut-busting 55-centimetre diameter, and loaded with a huge variety of fresh toppings. The Fat Tony hints at more than just the size. This bad boy and others — the USA Today, Notorious P.I.G. — are made New York style. Crust not too thick, lots of cheese and generous with the toppings, this is one of the biggest feeds in Melbourne.

Getting There
Tram routes 11 to stop 16 then walk 70 metres.

Substantial Seafood

If you feel like fish, reel in the goods at Hunky Dory [3/181 Bay Street, Port Melbourne]. Although there are locations throughout Melbourne, head to the Port Melbourne store — just minutes from the beach — for that springtime seaside vibe. The Hunky Dory fried pack comes with fillet of flake, potato cake, dim sim, lemon, tartare and enough chips to capsize a huge hunger.

Getting There
Bus 234 from Flinders Street to Graham Street then walk 210 metres.

Large Laksa

Find out why the locals live for the soup atLaksa King [6-16 Pin Oak Crescent, Flemington]. The self-crowned monarch of Malaysian meals has been serving up this sought-after spicy soup since 1998. The steaming bowl of goodness comes to your table brimming full of piping hot curry laksa, fresh vegetables, two kinds of noodles and your choice of proteins from seafood to tofu.

Getting There
Train to Newmarket Station on the Craigieburn train line then walk 70 metres.

Bountiful Buffet

The instant gratification of helping yourself at a buffet is a sure way to tame the tummy rumbles. Kitchen Workshop[Crown Melbourne, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank] offers a fresh salad bar, soup station, hot buffet and a dessert counter. Keep in mind, though, this is a place for adult appetites only — located on Crown’s casino floor, patrons must be 18 years or over. With accommodation available at Crown, this is a great opportunity for a night out with a special someone or a weekend away with your mates.

Getting There
Tram routes 12, 96 or 109 to stop 124A then walk 100 metres.
Train to Southern Cross Station then walk 750 metres.

Big-Time Burger

Take on the towering Don burger at The Beer and Burger Bar [122 Swan Street, Richmond]. This food challenge dishes up two 600-gram beef patties on a 700-gram brioche bun. Not enough? Well, there are 16 rashers of bacon thrown in too, along with cheese, tomato, lettuce and chips. If that sounds delicious, but a little intimidating, take a friend. The burger comes with two cans of soft drink, making it perfect for sharing.

Getting There
Tram route 70 to Lennox Street stop 9 then walk 60 metres.
Train to Richmond Station on the Frankston or Sandringham lines then walk 290 metres.

Huge Hotdogs

The name says it all. Massive Wieners [226 Chapel Street, Prahran] lets you choose from three-, six- and colossal 12-inch dogs, slapped in a bun and served up with your choice of toppings. For a truly big feed, you’ll want fries with that. They also come in multiple sizes, including the staggering massive size, which you can have smothered in gravy, cheese and onion. You could also go for the beef and bean chilli or good old-fashioned ranch dressing.

Getting There
Tram route 6 to High Street/Chapel Street stop 31 then walk 140 metres.
Train to Prahran Station on the Sandringham line then walk 500 metres.

Brimming Banquet

The modern pan-Asian banquet menu at Supernormal [80 Flinders Lane, Melbourne] has been influenced by some of the best Japanese, Chinese and Korean restaurants in the world. This generous menu is the best way to take a taste tour of these regions and the innovative flair that Supernormal has added. Featuring nine dishes, the banquet will feed a group of hungry tums easily. Highlights include the signature succulent lobster rolls and an incredible dessert of peanut butter parfait, salted caramel and soft chocolate.

Getting There
Tram route 35, 70, 75 to Russell Street stop 6 then walk 280 metres.
Train to Flinders Street Station then walk 500 metres.

Voluminous Vegan

Not only are the options plentiful on the separate vegan menu at the Cornish Arms [163A Sydney Road, Brunswick], the serves are huge, too. Choose from weekly specials or peruse the extensive menu. All your pub favourites like burgers, fisherman’s baskets, nachos and the ever-popular halal snack pack have been given a vegan make-over with plant-based meats, melty dairy-free cheese and rich creamy sauces. Sure, you can have a side salad, but this place is all about comforting, hearty classics.

Getting There
Tram route 19 to Barkly Square stop 20 then walk 150 metres.
Train to Jewell Station on the Upfield line then walk 350 metres.

Mucho Mexicano

Bienvenidos a Mamasita [level 1/11 Collins Street]. You better be packing a ferocious appetite, because you’re about to sample some of the tastiest food this side of the Rio Grande. The banquet menu gets you off to a familiar start with classic guacamole and tortilla chips, then moves on to ceviche, a light, tasty dish of succulent fresh fish pieces in lime. Next, it’s tacos to the table with spicy grilled fillings then quesadillas oozing with queso aplenty. You’ll also be treated to dessert and traditional elote (corn on the cob) just like the street vendors sell in San Miguel.

Getting There
Tram route 35, 70, 75 to Russell Street stop 6 then walk 280 metres.
Train to Parliament Station then walk 180 metres.

Keep It Coming

There’s very little more gratifying than someone bringing plate after plate of tempting morsels to your table, especially when you are very hungry. That’s exactly what you get at the yum cha sittings at Oriental Tea House [378 Little Collins Street]. Choose from delicate prawn dumplings in silky translucent skins, fluffy barbecue pork buns, crispy spring onion pancakes and a multitude more. A stack of traditional bamboo steamers filled with delights awaits.

Getting There
Tram route 19, 57, 59 to stop 2 then walk 140 metres.
Train to Flinders Street Station then walk 550 metres.

Decadent Dessert

Get ready for huge serves and warm service at this US-style diner.Grand Trailer Park Taverna [87 Bourke Street] has two specialities and one of them is dessert. Taking up at least half the menu, the sweets served here are Instagram worthy. This is especially true of the giant waffle stack that’s so enormous, it’s recommended that at least four people tackle it. Topped with Nutella parfait, whipped cream, strawberries and hazelnuts, it even comes with an extra jar of Nutella. That’s right, a jar. What more could you want?

Getting There
Tram routes 1, 3/3a, 5, 6, 16, 64, 67, 72 to stop 10 then walk 450 metres.
Train to Parliament Station then walk 350 metres.