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Top 10 Hot Chocolates in Melbourne

We’re a city that loves coffee, but who doesn't enjoy a nice hot choccie now and then? Warm your insides by diving into these delicious drinks.

1.Mörk Chocolate Brewhouse

Mörk is the origin of the hot chocolate served at some of Melbourne’s best cafes and they decided to get in on the cafe action for themselves! Mörk's flagship cafe provides patrons with a variety of options, including the Junior Dark (50% cacao), Original Dark (70% cacao) and Even Darker Dark (85% cacao) hot chocolates. Their signature menu offers something for those who are keen to stray from the norm. It features the 'Hot' Hot Chocolate which comes with four chillies and the Breakfast Hot Chocolate which comes with house-made oat milk, coconut and cinnamon. The best part? With dairy-free options available, like their Pure Dark 100% Cacao — described as the 'short black' of chocolate — everyone can play.

2. East Elevation

It's Melbourne's take on Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! So of course, that means that in place of Oompa Loompas, your hot chocolate will be made by an uber cool barista and in place of the crazy colours and edible-lolly trees, the furnishing of a trendy loft-style cafe are your surrounds. There might not be a chocolate river flowing through it, but prepare to be delighted non-the-less. Enjoy your hot chocolate while watching the artisan chocolate makers of Monsieur Truffe do their thing through a glass window, for an all-encompassing chocolatey experience.

3. Fourth Chapter

Have your phone camera at the ready for this one — it's sure to bring in the likes on your socials. A marshmallow-filled, gold-specked chocolate sphere sits inside your cup. As you pour the hot chocolate milk over it, the sphere spins and melts away into your delicious drink. Oh, and if you do upload it to Instagram, don't forget to use #melbournenow so we can check it out.

4. Hash Specialty Coffee

With a beaker full of decadent Mörk hot chocolate and a mug topped with a cloud of fairy floss served on a wooden board, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve ordered a science experiment. Pour your hot chocolate over the fairy floss and, after one sip, you won’t mind if you have! It may sound super sugary, but if you're intrigued, definitely give it a go — the hot chocolate is 85% cacao balances out the sweetness of the fairy floss perfectly!

5. Cacao Lab

To the specialists at Cacoa Lab, chocolate is no joke. And by extension, neither is hot chocolate. Stop in to experience their rotating hot choccie blends, served to you in a beaker that you add to a mug of warm milk. Sample flavours like chilli chocolate, salted caramel, choc mint and any of the new, genius blends the lab gurus invent. End you’re Cacao Lab experience on an even sweeter note by trying out one of their to-die-for eclairs in a unique flavour.

6. Bowery To Williamsburg

Peanut butter lovers rejoice! Melbourne has a hot chocolate that is made just for you. Introducing the peanut butter hot chocolate that is available at Bowery to Williamsburg. Combining hot chocolate with a delicious peanut butter caramel syrup and garnished with one a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup on the side, enjoy this winter warmer with one of their American-style meals or treats.

7. Gertrude Street Enoteca

After something a little stronger from your hot chocolate? Here you will find the deliciously sweet hot chocolate drink spiked with rum, perfect for those cold Melbourne days. It might not be the hot chocolate to start your day with (but hey no judgements), however it’s a good one to try in place of your cocktail or dessert.

8. Brunetti

No visit to Melbourne is complete without a trip to the Italian wonderland and Melbourne institution that is Brunetti. The good news? Their authentic Italian hot chocolate is on par with their fabulous cakes and treats. Enjoy this rich, thick and creamy chocolatey drink with one of their delicious pastries or cakes — or, if you’re a real chocoholic, something from their cioccolateria range.

9. Lindt Cafe

As a household favourite in chocolate labels, the Lindt Cafe is a reliable place to go for your chocolate hit and is sure to resonate with the little ones (Lindt chocolate bunny anyone?). Try their Signature Hot Chocolate for a nice hot mug of the flowing Lindt milk or dark chocolates, or if caffeine is calling, try their Lindt Mocha, topped with a delicious chocolate thin.

10. Sonido

Want something a little more left field? Experience the hot chocolate of the Colombian culture with a visit to Sonido. It offers hot chocolate served with queso — a white cheese that will soften in your hot drink of deliciousness. Your drink comes with a mug holding the queso and a little saucepan-style mug containing imported drinking chocolate. Pour the drinking chocolate over the cheese to experience hot choccie the Colombian way!